A downloadable game

Magic Casting Battle Game created for the Leap Motion 3D Jam.

You are in a 1-on-1 battle against Gaspar, an Ultimate Caster! Create the proper hand signs in your Magic Center (one hand out, palm down over your Leap Motion device) and throw your hand off the sides or top to throw different spells!

Certain magic elements are strong against others! Use this to your advantage, but beware, Gaspar can do the same.

Install instructions

-= Leap Motion Controller is Required to Play =-

1. Download the Ultimate Caster.zip to your Windows PC.

2. Extract the entire zip to its own folder.

3. Ensure you have the Leap Motion software installed.

4. Ensure your Leap Motion Device is plugged in.

5. Run The Ultimate Caster.exe.

6. Ensure you play fullscreen.

7. Enjoy!


The Ultimate Caster.zip 31 MB
The Ultimate Caster Credits.rtf 10 kB